Tigbao Hanging Bridge โ€“ Sevilla, Bohol

Tigbao Hanging Bridge โ€“ Sevilla, Bohol

The Tigbao Hanging Bridge is a well known vacation destination situated in Sevilla, Bohol, Philippines. It is known for its shocking perspectives and the exhilarating experience of getting a hanging span suspended over the Loboc Waterway. The Tigbao Balancing Extension in Sevilla, Bohol can give you a fast and gentle rush during your visit. Its level is around 25 meters (82 feet) over the waterway. Maybe this scaffold is one of those great spots to begin on the off chance that you’re attempting to defeat your apprehension about levels. ๋ฐ”์นด๋ผ์‚ฌ์ดํŠธ

Crossing the Tigbao Hanging Extension

This was our next stop in the wake of visiting the Tarsier Protection Region. It’s a few out of every odd day that you experience a scaffold that is alive, it’s alive to the point that it responds stunningly in each step you make while crossing it. Make a point to treat it tenderly if you would rather not experience its fury. It can get exceptionally brutal when incited.

This is one of those puts on earth where you would need to be let be. Remaining in this scaffold along with 100 sumo grapplers would be impossible. To go Indiana Jones, you can purchase a rancher cap in the gift shop toward the finish of the scaffold. Crossing here is an undertaking however expect no hopping crocodiles that will attempt to pursue you in this family-accommodating stream.

Span Materials

The entire extension is really put together with metal โ€” they just added some bamboo ground surface to give it a local look. So assuming you see termites making the bamboos get fragile, you don’t have anything to stress over, however on the off chance that you see rusts making the extension get weak โ€” be extremely apprehensive.

Two Extensions

My adored spouse was the bold soul who ventured out in front of me in crossing the extension, yet she is awkward in crossing it as far as possible. Since she generally gives me the simple undertakings, she had me cross the scaffold then, at that point, move to the next extension to return to her. At the point when I was close to snapping a photo of her, she moved in a quarter portion of the extension, presented, then rushed back to its base once more.

Remaining in the extension provides you with an extraordinary perspective on the stream. It’s truly good to see waterways like this encompassed by rich green plants and then liberated from any trash. Credit to the neighborhood occupants who are keeping up with its tidiness. Their discipline in appropriately discarding their trash merits recognition. I trust more individuals will gain from them.

Here are a few insights regarding the Tigbao Hanging Scaffold:


The Tigbao Hanging Extension is arranged in the town of Sevilla in the region of Bohol, Philippines. Bohol is known for its regular excellence, including its lavish scenes, beautiful waterways, and remarkable attractions.

Hanging Extension Experience:

The scaffold traverses the Loboc Stream, offering guests the chance to cross from one side to the next while getting a charge out of all encompassing perspectives on the encompassing region. The scaffold influences somewhat as you walk, adding to the experience and energy of the experience. ์นด์ง€๋…ธ์‚ฌ์ดํŠธ

Beautiful Perspectives:

The Tigbao Hanging Extension gives stunning perspectives on the waterway, the lavish vegetation, and the pleasant wide open of Bohol. It’s a famous spot for taking photos and partaking in the excellence of nature.

Rush and Experience:

Strolling across the hanging scaffold can be an invigorating encounter, particularly for the individuals who partake in a touch of experience. The influencing movement of the scaffold adds a component of fervor to the visit.

Nearby Culture:

However, the bridge is likewise a chance to find out about the neighborhood culture and lifestyle. Guests can connect with local people and gain experiences into the customs and livelihoods of individuals nearby.


The Tigbao Hanging Extension is effectively available from different pieces of Bohol. It’s a famous stop for vacationers investigating the island’s attractions.

Extra charge:

There is generally a little extra charge to get to the scaffold, which keeps up with the extension and its encompassing offices.

As usual, it’s prescribed to check for the most recent data prior to visiting any vacation spot, as conditions and expenses could change over the long run. The Tigbao Hanging Scaffold is an extraordinary encounter that permits guests to drench themselves in the regular excellence and social lavishness of Bohol while partaking in a thrilling experience. ์˜จ๋ผ์ธ์นด์ง€๋…ธ์‚ฌ์ดํŠธ

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