The Best Activities To Do In Anda, Bohol

The Best Activities to Do in Anda, Bohol
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Bohol may be known for its remarkable Chocolate Hills, but the island province is also home to gorgeous beaches, refreshing waterfalls, and enchanting caves. All of these natural wonders can be found in Anda, which is why it’s fast becoming one of the tourist spots of Bohol. In this article, we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about Anda and what activities make it a must-visit on your next Bohol trip. 카지노사이트

About Anda
Located at the eastern tip of the island province of Bohol is the coastal municipality of Anda. Almost a hundred kilometers from the capital of Bohol which is Tagbilaran City, Anda is surrounded by the municipalities of Candijay, Mabini, and Guindulman. Its south coast is bounded by the Mindanao Sea. Prior to becoming the tourist attraction that it is now, Anda was once covered with thick mangroves and hardwood trees. The municipality was originally called Quinali or Quinale, a colloquial term for sand dunes formed by the waves that sometimes form a new landmass.

It was made into a municipality in 1875 and was renamed Anda which is coined from “el Lugar anda”, a Spanish phrase that means “it moves or walks” or “the land that moves or walks.” The majority of the locals live in the outskirts of the town and in barrios. For tourists, the primary mode of transport around town is a tricycle. Most of the resorts, however, offer assistance when guests wish to do some sightseeing.

Getting There
If you’re coming from NAIA, you can catch a plane to Bohol-Panglao Airport. When you land, you can hail a tricycle from the airport to take you to Dao Terminal where you can catch a bus or van to Anda. This usually takes two to three hours.

If you’re coming from Cebu, there are ferries like Supercat and Ocean Jet Fast Craft that offer multiple departures to Tagbilaran City daily. Travel time via a ferry takes around two hours. Then, from Tagbilaran Port, hail a tricycle to take you to Dao Terminal where you can catch a bus or van to Anda. This also usually takes two to three hours.

Beach Hopping
Anda’s beaches can match up to those of more popular beach destinations like Siargao and Boracay. Quinale Beach lives up to the island’s reputation for its glorious white sand, breathtaking waters, and scenic shots that look straight off a postcard. Its shoreline is three kilometers long, perfect for scenic walks, a quick dip, or just to admire the countless shells, reeds, seagrasses, and coconuts that get washed ashore.

Other well-known beaches scattered along the town’s shoreline include Talisay Beach, Bituon or Bitoon White Beach, Arthoghin Beach, Cambilagan Beach, Bas Daku, Bugnaw CE, Kabangno, and Candabong Beach.

Water Caves
If you’re looking for some more Bohol adventure, you can visit Anda’s famous caves. The deepest and most popular cave in this part of Bohol is Kabagno Cave, also sometimes referred to as Cabagnow Cave Pool. This cave is known for its wide opening that lets sunlight directly reflect on the clear waters of its natural pool.

Other notable caves that you can visit here include Banilad Cave, which was once a pilgrimage site, as well as Kalorenzo Spring Cave, a karst cave that has a spring water pool. There are also several burial caves that can be found in Anda, particularly in Candabong, Bacong, Virgen, Casica, and Talisay. 안전한카지노사이트

Anda Falls
Another refreshing natural attraction is located in Barangay Casica, home to the Anda Falls. To reach the falls, you need to pass through a rocky trail, but the trek will be worth it once you reach the waterfall and enjoy a refreshing swim in its natural pool.

Mystical Lamanoc Island Tour
If you’re looking for something a bit different, you can join tours that explore the centuries-old folklore of Anda. Lamanoc Island is known for its mystic tour that you would not want to miss. No one permanently resides on the island as it is often only visited by baylans and shamans or healers who interact with deities and spirits. There are around 20 shamans still practicing in Anda, according to the locals.

These healers perform diwata ritual offerings, often chickens, at the cave. The rituals are done to ask for bountiful harvests, to heal the sick, and mainly to appease the spirits on the island. Tourists are also asked to keep their voices low during the tour as a respect for the spirits that allegedly inhabit the island and sacred sites in it. One of the most chilling highlights of the tour is where tourists see real skeletal remains in the burial caves.

For the skeptics of the supernatural, however, there are more fascinating reasons to do the tour. Archaeological artifacts found on the island are said to reveal an ancient civilization dating back to the Stone Age that used to live in this region of Bohol.

Rock Painting
You also wouldn’t want to miss rock paintings on the caves of Lamanoc. These rock paintings are believed to be carved by the people from the Stone Age or during the Paleolithic era. The paintings are abstract with subtle shading for details. Stone tools were used to draw the paintings. Animal blood was also used as paint, a process known as red hematite painting.

Snorkeling and Diving
Another must-see in Anda is its rich marine life and coral landscape. Divers often spot some marine wildlife while diving and snorkeling in sites along the coast of Candabong, Virgen, Bacong, and the Poblacion. Just like most of Bohol’s dive sites, Agna’s diving spots are largely untouched with beautiful reefs, caves, and coral gardens. There have also been recorded sightings of sea turtles, barracuda, napoleon, and whale sharks.

Blue Heaven

Nature lovers and adventure seekers visiting Anda can go hiking in Blue Heaven. The hike usually lasts around 4 to 5 hours but can take a full day if you choose the longer route. The trail is not too difficult and can be enjoyed by everyone as they take in the beautiful scenery along the way. After the hike, they can enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural pool of Anda Falls. 카지노사이트 추천

Side Trips from Anda

An astonishing attraction worth checking out is the Bilar Man-Made Forest. Beautifully and densely populated with Mahogany trees, the man-made forest stretches for two kilometers. The Cadapdapan Rice Terraces in Candijay is also a side trip you can make when going to Anda. Similar to the world-famous rice terraces in the Cordilleras, the ones in Bohol cover hectares of the mountain slopes with greeneries and captivating carved hills.

No trip to Bohol is complete without visiting the famed Chocolate Hills, a geological formation of hills that are famously grass-covered and green but transform to the color brown during the dry season. It’s approximately a two-hour trip from Anda. From the Chocolate Hills, the Loboc River is another major tourist destination in Bohol. The forest creates a picturesque tunnel of trees over the road.

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